Sunday, March 27, 2011

(SOLD) Game Over, Magic Show, Dark Hearts: Dance of Death

Game Over by Joseph Locke
When Hades, a new video arcade, opens downtown, all the teenagers in Dinsmore are thrilled. Bare and eerie, the arcade boasts the newest and hottest video games. It's a totally appealing place for Joe, a video-game buff. But at Hades all the video games are not only violent, the figures on the screen take on familiar faces and characteristics of people Joe knows from school. Soon the teenagers in Dinsmore are not only committing the most bizarre, violent acts... they're dying one by one.
What's really happening at Hades?

Magic Show by Laurie Bridges & Paul Alexander
It is like a dream come true when Chris, an amateur high school magician, inherits a sorcerer's ancient book of spells. Night after night Chris practices its dark secrets, until he plunges into an evil world of black magic and demons. His girlfriend, Lucy, is frightened - and when terrifying things suddenlly happen around town, she knows it is already too late. For Chris can now summon anything he wants - power, money, love. But a hollow voice from beyong the grave demands one moret thing - vengeance. And when Chris sweeps onto the staga at the Spring Festival magic show, Lucy must race to stop him from performing a bloody ritual that some may not live to remember...

Dark Hearts: Dance of Death by Daniel Parker
Since her mother's death, Allison James has lived among a mysterious New Orleans clan. Allison has tried to uncover all of their secrets, but there's still so much she doesn't know - like why the twisted Isnard DuFort killed her aunt Odette... and how she can stop him from killing again.
Allison and her love, Jean-Paul DuFort, have one chance to defeat Isnard. But it means that they must trust Michelle Maudet, who claims she can help them put an end to the evil clan's rule. Can Allison and Jean-Paul count on Michelle or are they walking right into Isnard's deadly trap?

Format: Paperback
Condition: Okay
Price: RM 2.00 each

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