Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Culinary Books

Professional Cooking Seventh Edition (Hardcover) by Wayne Gisslen
Hundreds of thousands of chefs have used Wayne Gisslen’s Professional Cooking to master their craft and hone their skills. Packed with more than 650 recipes, 600 different variations, and more information than ever before, this seventh edition of the cornerstone resource offers complete, step-by-step instruction in the cooking theory and techniques necessary to succeed at the professional level.
Progressing logically from simple cooking methods to more advanced techniques, this entirely revised new edition helps you understand underlying principles before you focus on applying them.
Publisher: Wiley 
Format: Hardcover
Condition: Brand new. Very good condition.
Price: RM 200 (Original Price: RM 251.80)

Get the very best from the ingredients that you cook with everyday at home. 

The Cook's Book of Ingredients
Perfect for home cooks, keen to ensure they choose the very best and get the best results. Learn how to buy, store, prepare, cook, preserve and eat over 2,500 ingredients. Plus you'll learn about the best seasonal ingredients and discover complementary flavour pairings. Over 250 classic recipes from making pesto to fruity jams, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that you'll love making again and again.

Written by a team of global culinary experts, The Cook's Book of Ingredients brings together their collective expertise to showcase key ingredients from around the world, from Italian and Indian to French and British.

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley 
Format: Hardcover
Condition: Brand new. Very good condition.
Price: RM 100 (Original Price: RM 180)

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